Why We Need to Read and Teach Plato

Thaddeus Kozinski

Plato is simply indispensable to a Catholic education, both as a precursor to Faith and a guide along the way to Heaven.

A First for University of Mary

Veronica Arntz

Increasingly attractive to students seeking a faithful Catholic education, North Dakota’s University of Mary may need to launch a waiting list.


‘We Need Humility’: Overcoming our Pride and Prejudice

Sister Thomas More Stepnowski, O.P.

The holy season of Lent beckons us to humility, so that we can overcome barriers to communication.

Catholic Identity

The Educational Legacy of Don Briel and G. K. Chesterton

Joseph Pearce

Thanksgiving for two who have inspired and rekindled a revival of Catholic education: the indomitable Don Briel and the inimitable G. K. Chesterton.

Catholic Identity / Higher Ed

Teaching Human Beings

Anthony Esolen

It is soul-liberating to teach students who appreciate the wisdom of our elders and are eager to learn.

Catholic Identity

Vatican: Against the New Gnostics, Embrace the Theology of the Body

Ryan N.S. Topping

Educators will draw inspiration from the CDF’s treatment of Gnosticism, since battles over education have been waged over definitions of the body.

Higher Ed / News

Integrating academia and student life

Veronica Arntz

University of Mary takes an innovative approach to Catholic education and identity with its Residence Life Scholars program

K-12 / News

Catholic schools and student virtue

Dave Rojeck

Until now, there has been little research performed within the school choice debate about character and student virtue