Catholic Identity / Higher Ed

The unity of a university

Fr. George W. Rutler

The very name of a university means that it is a unity of knowledge; without Christ as its center, it is little more than a network of thoughts and a federation of sciences

The Society of Jesus without Jesus

Anthony Esolen

Jesus does not appear in a new article extoling Jesuits at Georgetown, nor is His name in the university’s description of its ‘Catholic and Jesuit’ values

K-12 / News

Catholic school comeback in Philly!

Michael van Hecke

Parents want to choose Catholic education for the religious and moral tethering it can provide their children in a world that often seems bereft of meaning

K-12 / Opinion

Big Brother in the classroom

Joseph Pearce

Schools should empower parents to educate their children, not big government to impose its ideological understanding ‘civil rights’

K-12 / Opinion

Taking play seriously

Sean Fitzpatrick

Play is both the beginning and the end of wisdom, as it delights in truth before it is fully known and then again, once it is known

Catholic Identity / Opinion

The philosophy of wonder: Inspiration for Catholic education

Veronica Arntz

True learning begins in wonder and the questions that wonder prompts

Higher Ed / News

Buckle down, Machiavelli, buckle down

Anthony Esolen

Academic freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are all oriented toward that greater good, which is truth


Restoring the four pillars of education

Joseph Pearce

A good education is the fostering of growth in goodness, truth, and beauty, all of which seem to be out of fashion in our disintegrating system