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02/21/18: Catholic higher education: Recognizing the ‘bait and switch’ 02/20/18: Ash Wednesday in New Hampshire 02/19/18: University of Mary celebrates Catholic Studies father, Dr. Don Briel 02/17/18: Think Texas, with snow 02/16/18: Liberal arts with French in the heart of old Europe 02/15/18: Academic freedom: What is it and what it isn’t 02/14/18: History: A lens into the nature of a school 02/13/18: Thoughts on education from Japan 02/12/18: When God makes way for gods 02/10/18: Madness masquerading as Catholicism 02/09/18: What is diversity? 02/08/18: The statesman and the saint 02/07/18: Why Mother Goose matters 02/06/18: De Pauliana plays the glad game 02/05/18: Georgetown forsakes chastity with ‘Gender and Sexuality’ housing 02/03/18: The integration of faith and life 02/02/18: Announcing the Tolkien and Lewis High School Essay Contest 02/01/18: A culture of caring 01/31/18: Catching flies with St. John Bosco 01/30/18: Tax Act provides Christmas gifts to Catholic schools and parents 01/27/18: In Loco Et Cum Parentis 01/26/18: Signs of renewal in the study of Catholic theology 01/25/18: Pornography and education: Closing windows of wonder 01/24/18: Building on Catholic identity 01/23/18: Decency and the common good 01/22/18: If music be the food of love, let’s teach it! 01/20/18: Education as an apostolate 01/19/18: A Lamb with the heart of a lion: Fr. Matthew Lamb (1937-2018) 01/18/18: The sickness of cynicism 01/17/18: Kansas City light 01/16/18: Truth and tolerance 01/15/18: On teaching 01/13/18: The uncommon core of a Saint Mary’s education 01/12/18: Einstein on the humanities 01/11/18: Little Flowers of faith in Alaska 01/10/18: The snake eats its own tail 01/09/18: The teacher-guide and the education of souls 01/08/18: Contemplation: The heart of Catholic education 01/06/18: Rethinking the foundations of education 01/05/18: Virtue versus virtuosity 01/04/18: An education into the real 01/03/18: Why do we teach essay-writing? Do we? 01/02/18: A real college at last 12/23/17: A Christmas Play 12/22/17: Troubling events at Georgetown and Notre Dame 12/21/17: An insider’s take on St. Gregory University’s closing 12/20/17: The wake-up call of boarding school 12/19/17: They made themselves what? 12/18/17: Education for dummies: Are schools standardizing to a low standard? 12/16/17: The missing ingredients in modern education 12/16/17: Beer, skittles and education 12/15/17: Thomas More College and the restoration of Christian culture 12/14/17: A Trojan Horse in the classroom: A reflection on the mis-anthropology of technology 12/13/17: Cleveland’s clarion call 12/11/17: Educate your friends this Christmas 12/09/17: An unrealistic divorce: education and relativism 12/07/17: Education for freedom 12/06/17: The end of education 12/05/17: Thomas More College’s warmth and wonder 12/04/17: A report from the front lines 12/02/17: A vision for Catholic education in Ireland 12/02/17: Teachers must learn to use ‘The Force’ 12/01/17: Excluding Christ from the classroom 11/30/17: Technology’s impact on students 11/29/17: Catholic education: The Holy See goes back to the basics 11/28/17: Lambs to the slaughter: Catholic students at secular colleges 11/27/17: Newman’s Grammar of Assent and classical Christian education 11/25/17: Science and poetry: The place of physics and metaphysics in Catholic education 11/25/17: Question we never ask about education 11/24/17: Rethinking classroom technology 11/22/17: The unity of a university 11/21/17: The Society of Jesus without Jesus 11/20/17: Catholic school comeback in Philly! 11/18/17: Christ’s masculinity: A model for educating boys 11/18/17: On teaching nothing 11/17/17: Big Brother in the classroom 11/16/17: Taking play seriously 11/15/17: The philosophy of wonder: Inspiration for Catholic education 11/14/17: Buckle down, Machiavelli, buckle down 11/13/17: Restoring the four pillars of education 11/11/17: John Bosco inspires new campus ministry 11/11/17: The Pope, Portugal and American ‘Catholic’ universities 11/10/17: Why modern education is doomed to die 11/09/17: Education and imagination 11/08/17: Questioning the questions modern universities ask 11/07/17: Much ado about noticing 11/06/17: In the beginning are the words: Language and education 11/04/17: Why do people become teachers? 11/04/17: We fly unto thy patronage… or Dear Benefactors, Part 2 11/03/17: Are the liberal arts meaningless? 11/02/17: Finding what should never have been lost 11/01/17: ‘Teacher, what should we do?’ 10/31/17: Education, adolescence and Edgar Allan Poe 10/30/17: Millennial meltdown and the future of Catholic education 10/28/17: Your mask first 10/28/17: Why not aim for happiness, if that’s our goal? 10/27/17: Focus on FOCUS 10/26/17: A dangerous education 10/25/17: For 50 grand you get egg-roll too 10/24/17: The storm in Ireland