Anthony Esolen

ANTHONY ESOLEN is professor of English Renaissance and classical literature at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, N.H. He is a prolific author and has translated several epic poems of the West. He is a graduate of Princeton and the University of North Carolina. He is on the advisory board of the Catholic Education Resource Center.

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Teaching Human Beings

It is soul-liberating to teach students who appreciate the wisdom of our elders and are eager to learn.


If only they were pagans

It’s easier to teach isolated pagan tribes the Faith than to un-teach the misguided hatred of the Gospel we find in our culture today

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Ash Wednesday in New Hampshire

At almost every institution of learning in the United States, there is no principle of unity, and the most urgent truths about human life are not to be discussed

Catholic Identity Higher Ed

Madness masquerading as Catholicism

Georgetown University’s acceptance and attempted justification of infanticide defies logic and the Church

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De Pauliana plays the glad game

Catholic universities trading on the name of Jesus for 30 silver linings are hard to distinguish from any old doddering place

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Decency and the common good

When men and women cannot be trusted with one another, they either hurl themselves headlong into debauchery or they retreat into silence and loneliness

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Truth and tolerance

Only those who pursue truth have cause to bear with error and to forgive the erring while correcting him or resisting his pressure

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A real college at last

When I arrive before class, I meet young people joking, laughing, and doing any of the hundred things that people do when they actually belong to a community, a big family


They made themselves what?

In the days of Antiochus, Jews who wanted to be accepted by the progressive Greeks capitulated to the culture around them. Are Christians today doing the same?

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Thomas More College’s warmth and wonder

No cell phones or laptops are allowed in classes, and that means that the dead silence that has come to prevail in classrooms at other places before the professor arrives is unknown there