Anthony Esolen

ANTHONY ESOLEN is professor of English Renaissance and classical literature at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, N.H. He is a prolific author and has translated several epic poems of the West. He is a graduate of Princeton and the University of North Carolina. He is on the advisory board of the Catholic Education Resource Center.

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Buckle down, Machiavelli, buckle down

Academic freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are all oriented toward that greater good, which is truth

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The Pope, Portugal and American ‘Catholic’ universities

The Church has urgent truths to bring to the world, and the world will always be in some degree of enmity against the truth


Much ado about noticing

We must be certain of principles and the law of God, but slow in thinking we know the hearts of others


Finding what should never have been lost

There is great treasure in the wisdom of generations past—all between the covers of books we’ve forgotten to read

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For 50 grand you get egg-roll too

There is no such thing as a ‘diverse’ student; you cannot in yourself be ‘diverse,’ just as you cannot in yourself be ‘various.’

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Ah, youth!

Youth should be a time for education, a time of formation; far better to turn adolescents on to Great Books than on to politics

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Thomas More College: Brothers dwelling together in unity

I’ve just finished my first day of classes at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, my new academic home, where I aim to spend the late afternoon and evening of my career. Allow me to note a few things that I have experienced in a single day, that I had not experienced since I began to teach college students in 1985. When I arrived on campus, I went to the building where my new office is. I’m upstairs in a building that houses the chapel, the cafeteria, and a lounge for students which sports some musical instruments, tables, games,…