Dale Ahlquist

DALE AHLQUIST is President of the American Chesterton Society, editor of Gilbert!, host of the EWTN series The Apostle of Common Sense, and chairman of the Chesterton Schools Network.

K-12 Opinion

In Loco Et Cum Parentis

The teacher takes on a grave responsibility when he steps into a classroom, but the parent has to reinforce the teacher’s role and appreciate the teacher’s perspective


Why do we teach essay-writing? Do we?

Just as in a detective story, the essay can take us down a lot of scenic side roads that don’t appear to be going anywhere

Catholic Identity

A Christmas Play

You’ll enjoy this short, whimsical, theological, philosophical dialogue between St. Joseph and the Innkeeper on a night unlike any night you could imagine

Catholic Identity News

A report from the front lines

We have to keep developing students whose feet are firmly planted on earth but whose souls reach for heaven; by sending good people into the world we shut the mouths of our critics


Question we never ask about education

Education has lost sight of its purpose and is more focused on theories rather than on what is taught

Catholic Identity K-12 Opinion

On teaching nothing

When we try to teach literature or art or science or mathematics devoid of the Catholic faith, we are ultimately teaching nothing


Why do people become teachers?

Good teachers had good teachers; they remember that moment in the classroom where a light suddenly came on inside their heads