Joseph Pearce

JOSEPH PEARCE is a senior fellow at The Cardinal Newman Society and editor of its journal. He is a senior contributor at The Imaginative Conservative and senior editor at the Augustine Institute. His books include biographical works on C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn and Belloc.

Higher Ed News

Thomas More College and the restoration of Christian culture

Catholic cultural and educational leaders say the college’s new Center is poised to bring about significant and lasting change to New England’s culture

Higher Ed Opinion

Educate your friends this Christmas

Students at modern secular universities are being taught to becomes slaves—and to embrace their slavery in the name of superficial and false freedoms

K-12 News

Excluding Christ from the classroom

San Domenico’s ‘inclusive spiritual education’ ensures students will be taught things transient, rather than things eternal

K-12 News

Rethinking classroom technology

In a recent study, students’ performances suffered considerably when digital media was used instead of printed texts

K-12 Opinion

Big Brother in the classroom

Schools should empower parents to educate their children, not big government to impose its ideological understanding ‘civil rights’


Restoring the four pillars of education

A good education is the fostering of growth in goodness, truth, and beauty, all of which seem to be out of fashion in our disintegrating system


Why modern education is doomed to die

The humanities are at the root of civilization and should therefore be at the core of all education

K-12 Opinion

In the beginning are the words: Language and education

One of the most important things a true education must teach is the desire to possess words, which liberates us from the slavery of ignorance


Are the liberal arts meaningless?

Why are students turning their back on the Humanities? The evidence is clear—and not what you might expect

Catholic Identity Opinion

Millennial meltdown and the future of Catholic education

If we exorcise God from our lives, we suffocate in the vacuum in which we’ve placed ourselves