Joseph Pearce

JOSEPH PEARCE is a senior fellow at The Cardinal Newman Society and editor of its journal. He is a senior contributor at The Imaginative Conservative and senior editor at the Augustine Institute. His books include biographical works on C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn and Belloc.

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Focus on FOCUS

It’s dangerous to think that nothing is lost by attending a secular college, as long as it has a good campus ministry or FOCUS group

Higher Ed News

A visit to the University of Mary

Monsignor Shea has overseen a rapid growth in enrollment inspired by radical, innovative approaches to development and a deep commitment to the Catholic liberal arts


The arrogant ignorance of the ‘well-educated’

This bumper sticker—“What you call the Liberal Elite, we call being well-educated”—was designed to offend and is supremely supercilious and arrogant

Higher Ed News

Timidity at Assumption College

Liberal fright and the flight from reason: Catholic college in Massachusetts disinvites scholar after threat of violence from ‘anti-fascist’ group


The Cardinal Newman Society and I: The adventure begins

Having worked in Catholic education at the college level for the past sixteen years, I have long admired the work of The Cardinal Newman Society.

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Catholic social teaching and the rights of Catholic schools

The principles of subsidiarity and solidarity are two great pillars of the Catholic Church’s social teaching