Karen Landry

KAREN LANDRY chairs the Great Books Department at Christiana Homeschool Academy in Westminster, Md. She earned a master’s of arts in film from Regent University. Karen divides her time between teaching and forming her teen boys.


Leisure and the liberal arts tradition

Reading in a contemplative way involves relishing poignant passages, mulling them over, and intermingling thought with prayer

Catholic Identity Opinion

A Trojan Horse in the classroom: A reflection on the mis-anthropology of technology

Educators must help students discern the difference between the allurement of lies versus the draw of beauty, and lead them to shape their loves and train their affections accordingly


An unrealistic divorce: education and relativism

If modern man is to regain his mooring, children must be taught that everything—from the cosmos to the cottonwood—is rife with meaning

K-12 Opinion

Why not aim for happiness, if that’s our goal?

By pursuing happiness as its goal, a liberal arts education provides a mode of travel through the journey of life properly suited to the nature of humanity.