Michael van Hecke

MICHAEL J. VAN HECKE, M.Ed., a seasoned headmaster and educational speaker, is also the founder and president of The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education and the Catholic Textbook Project. In their spare time, he and his wife farm avocados.

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Pope Benedict’s seed blooms as ‘morning glory’

A vision of God should be our constant and only quest—even within our daily duties of work, play, friendships, and entertainment

K-12 Opinion

History: A lens into the nature of a school

When a child’s K-12 formation includes a true and accurate understanding of history, he learns that decisions and actions have consequences

Catholic Identity K-12

Kansas City light

A school’s transformation begins with a renewed focus on building disciples—after all, the Church has been the epicenter of education for two millennia


The snake eats its own tail

Our outrage at sex scandals should find its way into our conversations, in our letters to editors, in our forming our children in morality and decency, and in our Catholic schools

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Cleveland’s clarion call

A grassroots survey shows that Catholic schools need to form policies and curriculum around the Church’s philosophy and heritage of learning instead of the latest fad in secular models

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Catholic education: The Holy See goes back to the basics

Virtue and wisdom must be the guiding ends for our educational and parental duties

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Catholic school comeback in Philly!

Parents want to choose Catholic education for the religious and moral tethering it can provide their children in a world that often seems bereft of meaning


We fly unto thy patronage… or Dear Benefactors, Part 2

Catholic schools need our patronage to survive, but more importantly, they need our patronage to thrive


We fly unto thy patronage… or Dear Benefactors, Part 1

An investment in faithful Catholic education produces an eternal return on investment—a transformed culture and souls on their way to heaven

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Christ at the center in San Francisco Catholic schools… really!

It is in front of the Blessed Sacrament that both a school’s faculty and students find the real end of their Catholic education