Ryan N.S. Topping

RYAN N.S. TOPPING is vice president and academic dean of Newman Theological College in Edmonton, Alberta. His most recent book on education is The Case for Catholic Education (Angelico Press); his forthcoming book is The Gift of the Church: How the Catholic Church Transformed the History and Soul of the West.

Catholic Identity

Vatican: Against the New Gnostics, Embrace the Theology of the Body

Educators will draw inspiration from the CDF’s treatment of Gnosticism, since battles over education have been waged over definitions of the body.

Higher Ed Opinion

The educated teacher: Why culture is the key

One of the fruits of Christopher Dawson’s work has been the birth of the Catholic Studies movement at universities across Canada and the U.S.


Think Texas, with snow

The author, just returned to his Canadian homeland, reflects on the need for renewal because identity politics and an activist judiciary have eroded our sense of justice, rooted in tradition