Sean Fitzpatrick

SEAN FITZPATRICK is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College and serves as the headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy in Elmhurst, Pa. He also serves on the Advisory Council for Sophia Institute for Teachers. His writings on education, literature and culture have appeared in Crisis Magazine, The Imaginative Conservative, and Catholic Exchange.

K-12 Opinion

Why Mother Goose matters

Without these indispensable nursery rhymes, a child may never acquire appropriate appetite or aptitude for works that plumb the depths of reality

Catholic Identity K-12

Catching flies with St. John Bosco

The Salesian method fosters the proper balance between authority and permissiveness, blending freedom with responsibility

Catholic Identity Opinion

Pornography and education: Closing windows of wonder

The multi-billion-dollar porn industry has its sights on the ‘age of wonder,’ desensitizing all in its path to truth, goodness and beauty


The sickness of cynicism

When the concept of truth itself is dismissed as fatuous or futile or far-fetched, what hope can be had for education?

K-12 Opinion

The wake-up call of boarding school

Good boarding schools assume education as an ordered rule of life and thus hold a remarkable advantage over other schooling options


Beer, skittles and education

A formative education is not possible alongside pornography and casual sex, television programs depicting violence, perversity, and relativism


The end of education

The aim of education is to form the whole person according to timeless, intrinsic values, rather than train a whole people to conform to a contemporary set of uniform, economic standards

K-12 Opinion

Teachers must learn to use ‘The Force’

With Star Wars, teachers have an opportunity to engage children’s hearts by permitting some fun in conversation, accepting their interests, and reinforcing friendship


Science and poetry: The place of physics and metaphysics in Catholic education

Poetry is the creative utterance of the mystical sense of creation, expressive of our sensitivity towards it

K-12 Opinion

Taking play seriously

Play is both the beginning and the end of wisdom, as it delights in truth before it is fully known and then again, once it is known