Sean Fitzpatrick

SEAN FITZPATRICK is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College and serves as the headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy in Elmhurst, Pa. He also serves on the Advisory Council for Sophia Institute for Teachers. His writings on education, literature and culture have appeared in Crisis Magazine, The Imaginative Conservative, and Catholic Exchange.


Education and imagination

Though inundated with powerful and often perverse images, today’s educational programs give little attention to the importance of images or the imagination


Education, adolescence and Edgar Allan Poe

Poe’s tales provide an occasion to cope with the contradictions of the mind, so characteristic of adolescence, as they move toward contemplation of metaphysical beauty

K-12 Opinion

A dangerous education

Teachers must not flinch from flinging themselves, together with their students, towards the truth, despite the flags of falsehood unfurled against them


Doublethinking education

If children are not bravely taught the truth about the world and about themselves, it will be a brave new world before long

Catholic Identity

Learning to breathe with both lungs

Exposing young, ordinary Catholics to ancient, extraordinary forms of the liturgy broadens the life of the Church for them


The problem of the problem of education

A large part of the current problem of education is that education is currently treated as a problem, as opposed to having a problem. That education stands in need of practical solution is true—but the solution lies not so much in a practical strategy of repair or recalibration, as though it were a broken engine, but rather in a fundamental re-visioning of its problematic state in which the young are not only failing to learn, but also forming a calloused resistance to learning. It is a problem, make no mistake, in a general sense, but its reversal lies in recognizing…