Veronica Arntz

VERONICA ARNTZ graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with a degree in the classical liberal arts. She is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in theology from the Augustine Institute.

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A First for University of Mary

Increasingly attractive to students seeking a faithful Catholic education, North Dakota’s University of Mary may need to launch a waiting list.

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Integrating academia and student life

University of Mary takes an innovative approach to Catholic education and identity with its Residence Life Scholars program


Are the liberal arts for the use of technological advancements?

We must respect the liberal arts for what they are, namely, the pursuit of something good simply for its own sake, which only secondarily becomes something useful for society

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Names are significant to reality

University of Dayton encourages gender-inclusive language for husband and wife

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Georgetown forsakes chastity with ‘Gender and Sexuality’ housing

Rather than considering students’ common good, Georgetown appears to be endorsing secular ideologies

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Troubling events at Georgetown and Notre Dame

Catholic universities are called to be bulwarks of truth in a society that supports anything but objective truth

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The philosophy of wonder: Inspiration for Catholic education

True learning begins in wonder and the questions that wonder prompts