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A First for University of Mary

Increasingly attractive to students seeking a faithful Catholic education, North Dakota’s University of Mary may need to launch a waiting list.

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Teaching Human Beings

It is soul-liberating to teach students who appreciate the wisdom of our elders and are eager to learn.

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Integrating academia and student life

University of Mary takes an innovative approach to Catholic education and identity with its Residence Life Scholars program

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Great ideas at Walsh University

Many of the talks contain an explicit Catholic message—highlighting Walsh’s Catholic identity—within the perimeters of the great ideas

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Faithful Catholic education: To retreat or engage?

The author agrees, but disagrees with George Weigel on whether or not to retreat from the world in order to form young men and women for cultural and spiritual battle

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The educated teacher: Why culture is the key

One of the fruits of Christopher Dawson’s work has been the birth of the Catholic Studies movement at universities across Canada and the U.S.

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Monuments bathed in red

Catholic educators must continue to remind the world of the blood of the martyrs—those in the past and those in our own day

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Honoring the life and legacy of Germain Grisez

If Catholic colleges are to be reformed, that reform must start by putting faith back at the heart of the institution as the structuring principle of its activity

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Names are significant to reality

University of Dayton encourages gender-inclusive language for husband and wife

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Catholic higher education: Recognizing the ‘bait and switch’

Authentic Catholic education recognizes that Catholic is what Catholic does and therefore never compromises for the sake of popular opinion.