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Reflections on the Vatican’s Educating to Fraternal Humanism

The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education’s latest document on ‘fraternal humanism’ fails to live up to a long history of more helpful documents from the Congregation

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Catholic education: Social or human advocacy?

Truth does not change. Nor does human nature. Our manner and matter of education should derive from these two postulates.

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Wonder of wonders: South Florida educators connect students to reality

Wonder of wonders, indeed. In an age when instructional minutes are logged with the attention of gold dust collectors, where documenting each standard, sub-standard, and sub-sub-standard is the teachers’ burden, it is refreshingly wonderful to see that Catholic schools in south Florida are pursuing wonder first. It is wonderful to see these Catholic schools striving to truly educate their students—educate, from the Latin educere, meaning to “lead out from.” On Aug. 21, the Archdiocese of Miami and the Diocese of Palm Beach were educating their students in a most literal way—literally “leading (the students) out from (the classroom).” They decided…

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Catholic social teaching and the rights of Catholic schools

The principles of subsidiarity and solidarity are two great pillars of the Catholic Church’s social teaching