Higher Ed News

Troubling events at Georgetown and Notre Dame

Catholic universities are called to be bulwarks of truth in a society that supports anything but objective truth

Higher Ed News

An insider’s take on St. Gregory University’s closing

Attending a small Catholic college gave me opportunities I never would have had elsewhere

K-12 News

Education for dummies: Are schools standardizing to a low standard?

Chesterton told us 90 years ago that standardization by a low standard is the chief danger confronting the culture; he was right

Higher Ed News

Thomas More College and the restoration of Christian culture

Catholic cultural and educational leaders say the college’s new Center is poised to bring about significant and lasting change to New England’s culture

K-12 News

Cleveland’s clarion call

A grassroots survey shows that Catholic schools need to form policies and curriculum around the Church’s philosophy and heritage of learning instead of the latest fad in secular models

Catholic Identity News

A report from the front lines

We have to keep developing students whose feet are firmly planted on earth but whose souls reach for heaven; by sending good people into the world we shut the mouths of our critics

K-12 News

Excluding Christ from the classroom

San Domenico’s ‘inclusive spiritual education’ ensures students will be taught things transient, rather than things eternal

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Technology’s impact on students

If we are already alarmed at how technology is changing how we think and learn, get ready for unprecedented rapid changes

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Catholic education: The Holy See goes back to the basics

Virtue and wisdom must be the guiding ends for our educational and parental duties

K-12 News

Rethinking classroom technology

In a recent study, students’ performances suffered considerably when digital media was used instead of printed texts