Why We Need to Read and Teach Plato

Plato is simply indispensable to a Catholic education, both as a precursor to Faith and a guide along the way to Heaven.


‘We Need Humility’: Overcoming our Pride and Prejudice

The holy season of Lent beckons us to humility, so that we can overcome barriers to communication.


If only they were pagans

It’s easier to teach isolated pagan tribes the Faith than to un-teach the misguided hatred of the Gospel we find in our culture today


Are the liberal arts for the use of technological advancements?

We must respect the liberal arts for what they are, namely, the pursuit of something good simply for its own sake, which only secondarily becomes something useful for society

Higher Ed Opinion

The educated teacher: Why culture is the key

One of the fruits of Christopher Dawson’s work has been the birth of the Catholic Studies movement at universities across Canada and the U.S.


Further thoughts on teaching Dante

Anthony Esolen and Dorothy Sayers have produced the best translations of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Catholic Identity Opinion

Teaching Dante in Catholic schools

For a variety of reasons, Catholic teachers are only teaching about Dante’s Inferno, not Purgatorio or the Paradiso

K-12 Opinion

Keeping the ‘Catholic’ in Catholic schools

A Catholic education should give students the power to succeed and the freedom to reject the moral relativism and false choices of the times


Leisure and the liberal arts tradition

Reading in a contemplative way involves relishing poignant passages, mulling them over, and intermingling thought with prayer

Catholic Identity Opinion

Ash Wednesday in New Hampshire

At almost every institution of learning in the United States, there is no principle of unity, and the most urgent truths about human life are not to be discussed