Beer, skittles and education

A formative education is not possible alongside pornography and casual sex, television programs depicting violence, perversity, and relativism

Catholic Identity Opinion

A Trojan Horse in the classroom: A reflection on the mis-anthropology of technology

Educators must help students discern the difference between the allurement of lies versus the draw of beauty, and lead them to shape their loves and train their affections accordingly

Higher Ed Opinion

Educate your friends this Christmas

Students at modern secular universities are being taught to becomes slaves—and to embrace their slavery in the name of superficial and false freedoms


Education for freedom

Active formation in the liberal and fine arts builds the interior and the exterior structures by which more nutritious content may be appropriated; the rich get richer


The end of education

The aim of education is to form the whole person according to timeless, intrinsic values, rather than train a whole people to conform to a contemporary set of uniform, economic standards

K-12 Opinion

Teachers must learn to use ‘The Force’

With Star Wars, teachers have an opportunity to engage children’s hearts by permitting some fun in conversation, accepting their interests, and reinforcing friendship


Science and poetry: The place of physics and metaphysics in Catholic education

Poetry is the creative utterance of the mystical sense of creation, expressive of our sensitivity towards it


Question we never ask about education

Education has lost sight of its purpose and is more focused on theories rather than on what is taught


Christ’s masculinity: A model for educating boys

Ezra Pound’s ‘Ballad’ illuminates an aspect of Christ that badly needs illumination in Catholic education today

Catholic Identity K-12 Opinion

On teaching nothing

When we try to teach literature or art or science or mathematics devoid of the Catholic faith, we are ultimately teaching nothing