Catholic Identity K-12 Opinion

On teaching nothing

When we try to teach literature or art or science or mathematics devoid of the Catholic faith, we are ultimately teaching nothing

K-12 Opinion

Big Brother in the classroom

Schools should empower parents to educate their children, not big government to impose its ideological understanding ‘civil rights’

K-12 Opinion

Taking play seriously

Play is both the beginning and the end of wisdom, as it delights in truth before it is fully known and then again, once it is known

Catholic Identity Opinion

The philosophy of wonder: Inspiration for Catholic education

True learning begins in wonder and the questions that wonder prompts


Restoring the four pillars of education

A good education is the fostering of growth in goodness, truth, and beauty, all of which seem to be out of fashion in our disintegrating system


Why modern education is doomed to die

The humanities are at the root of civilization and should therefore be at the core of all education


Education and imagination

Though inundated with powerful and often perverse images, today’s educational programs give little attention to the importance of images or the imagination

Higher Ed Opinion

Questioning the questions modern universities ask

There is no such thing as ‘my truth,’ there is only truth which I affirm or reject


Much ado about noticing

We must be certain of principles and the law of God, but slow in thinking we know the hearts of others

K-12 Opinion

In the beginning are the words: Language and education

One of the most important things a true education must teach is the desire to possess words, which liberates us from the slavery of ignorance